Jul 1

Songwriting has certainly changed over the years. I remember a time when to some extent there was a lot more freedom to allow artist creativity.

To make a hit today it seems it has to conform to certain limitations such as that it must be between 3 and 4 minutes long, needs to have a hook as well as a vocal hook, in many cases it needs to follow a set procedure for example:- intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, bridge, chorus, outro.

I wonder how many years we will continue to follow this. Maybe one day we will get totally fed up with the same format. With the introduction of the iPad opening up even more portable ways to make music and by a greater population of musicians and non-musicians alike, perhaps change may happen.

I cannot argue with some of these requirements as you certainly and instantly need to capture the attention of your listener. There is one person who in my opinion has nailed this and at the same time appears to take the mickey out of it. It is the songwriter, musician and comedian Brett Domino. This man is a genius and certainly has one of those faces that is just right for comedy. You want to laugh before he has even said a word. He is extremely talented and has a manner of putting things across in a very entertaining way.

Have a look at his thoughts and ideas on how to make a hit pop song. Not only was I laughing all the way to work today, I also couldn’t get his crazy hook out of my head. Not only is it funny, but what he says is absolutely right. I would like to know what DAW and plugins he uses to make his songs especially the vocals – does anyone know?

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