You Can’t Beat a Girl Drummer

There is something very special about Girl Drummers. Visually they look stunning and Sexy, they don’t seem to pull the same contorted faces like men do and they definately play in a different way to men. I wouldn’t necessary say that is a bad thing, just different.

Have you noticed that if you ask a girl who has not played drums before to have a go on your kit, the first thing they seem to do is hit every part of the kit once whereas men seem to say, right I put my feet here, now what do I do?

If you look however at my collection of Drum You Tube Clips you will see that girl drummers can be every bit as powerful and skillful at drumming as men are. There are unfortunately more men playing drums than women but I am pleased to say that this is slowly changing. Here are some excellent pics that make me think of an episode of ‘Men Behaving Badly’ when Tony says ……………….. “Mongos”.